Lent Approaches

Living a disciplined life has never come easy to this impulsive soul. The many ideas and articles that have existed merely within the confines of my grey matter bear ample testament to this fact. You just have to take my word they did exist in this form and the large void between last new year’s declared intention to blog regularly and the threadbare product throughout 2010 prove the point!

Now another ritual of Christian discipline approaches – Lent. I’ve never been much for giving up but three years of the rhythms of an Anglican Cathedral are beginning to have their impact. Yet the contrarian in me has decided to take something up rather than setting something aside. Writing a blog comment everyday for Lent.

Of course to do this does indeed require me to give something up – an impulsive unstructured approach to reflective writing – and to take on board a disciplined approach to setting time aside each day to reflect and to do so in an ordered way that will make some sense on this blog.

So as Ash Wednesday approaches it is time to get rid of some of the old ingredients in the cupboards of my head – pancake blogs sound fun – and prepare for the fresh perspectives that the discipline of a blog may bring.


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