Once Again with Feeling…

So here I am again on the road to hell that is paved with good intentions. No promises this time about the regularity of my blog! But the new iPad should help. It has become my constant companion, eye on the world and organiser of my life.
A major step has been made towards a paperless life and I have now delivered sermons and talks, shared presentations and watched movies on the go thanks to the sublime device.
Travelling has become a lighter burden, not only with the absence of a heavy laptop but my travel reading is now contained on the kindle app. I normally like to travel with three books, one on history/ politics, one on theology and one for fun, to read depending on how the mood takes me on long flights. Now the burden of such indecision is lifted!
I have also opened a new tweet account – @baldynotion – which derives from the old Belfast saying “I haven’t a baldy notion” meaning I don’t know what I am talking about.
Reading my blog you may also come to the same conclusion – but don’t leave without telling me why!