Not a New Year Resolution

O yes it is! O no it isn’t! But now that my Christmas holiday comes to an end and the year ahead looks as if it may take some exciting turns it is probably time to have another attempt at that blogging thing.

This is my third attempt and armed with Word Press apps on every available device I really don’t have any excuse, of a technical nature at least. Now that I have linked in to my twitter feed it should mean that at least one thing is kept up to date. And with seventeen identified categories under which I can link my random thoughts, it surely implies I have either little to say about a lot or a lot to say about too much.

Whether anyone bothers to take notice of what appears here is another matter. Whether I care if they do or do not probably depends on who is doing the reading. But if you do drift this way occasionally and the miraculous has happened and what I say is of interest to you, please comment and engage. For us extroverts blogging has to be a two-way street.

You will hopefully find a lot about reconciliation – it is what the day job is about after all. Not the smooth, dove of peace, hands together, spell of peace approach I’m afraid – I am a thran Ulsterman. More the hard-edged, jagged, confrontational, in your face honest to God struggle with all that drives us apart as human beings, both within the church and in wider society.

So here’s to the blogging year ahead. 2013 will soon give way to 2014 and time will tell if this was indeed a new beginning or just another paving stone on the road to hell.